We last left our survivors on the verge of being found by the Governor and his band of merry men…

Realizing what he should have done from the start, the Governor threatened to shoot Glenn, and Maggie disclosed the location of the group’s camp. Aware of the prison’s existence and that it had been teeming with biters; the Governor asked how many people were staying there. When Maggie revealed the number, the Governor was incredulous that such a small group had the skill and fortitude to secure the prison. The Governor’s refusal to get his hands dirty is bound to be his downfall. Even though he had no intention of using the prison, he told Merle he wanted him to kill every member of the group living there.

Unaware that he no longer had the power to orchestrate a plan against Rick, the Governor told Merle to use his brother as an “inside man.” Merle sought reassurance that no harm would come to Daryl. The Governor told Merle his brother would be safe. It was shocking that Merle took the man at his word.

In the meantime, the rescue team that consisted of Daryl, Rick, Axel, Michonne and Oscar left their car a few miles from Woodbury and continued on foot. It wasn’t long before they found themselves swamped by walkers and forced to seek refuge in a ramshackle shack. Once inside, they realized that they weren’t alone. The owner/resident was some type of crazy recluse because he threatened to call the cops. Rick tried to soothe the man by telling him he was a police officer. The man pulled a gun and after nobody was able to get the man under control, Michonne skewered him. Somehow, the back door was free from walkers, and they escaped out the back after tossing the dead body out front as a distraction.

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead Season Three: How It All Began (Part Three)

  1. HoH8 says:

    OMG, if only u could’ve told the fans on what happened between Michonne and the Governor in the comics, it was rated X…the stuff M did to the Gov, lol… i Loved it as a woman, lol…☺…

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