Why do I have such a hard time remembering the names of people on Supergirl? I know exactly who they are, in relation to other people on the show, but their names always escape me.  I know she’s Lex Luthor’s sister. Lex Luthor’s mother, who also happens to be in charge of Cadmus.  Mon-El’s mother.  His father.  Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo.  Gun to my head, I couldn’t tell you any of their character names.  Lena!  Okay.  I remembered one of them.  Wait… I should know Kara and Alex’s dad’s name.  Dean Cain.  Is it me?  No.  It’s the children who are wrong.  Anyway.  This episode felt like a regular day at the office until you realize it’s 4:59 and it’s Friday.  Telepathic aliens are terrorizing the city.  James is struggling with his identity.  Nothing really extraordinary about that. Then, bang! Teri Hatcher tricks Lena Luthor into making a giant stargate and all of the refugee Daxamites come flying through to claim Earth as New Daxam.  What!  Oh.  I guess the season finale is right around the corner.  What the heck does this mean?  How do you kick hundreds of superpowered aliens off their planet?  Tell me Superman is going to shrink them down and imprison them in a glass container in the Fortress.  … Wait.  Is that what’s going to happen? You heard it here first!

Oliver is back in his Green Arrow uniform!  Yes! Thea is back!  This whole episode, I was half expecting Thea to reveal herself as the real villain who has been manipulating Chase this entire time.  She was his real inside source that was feeding him all the intel on Team Arrow.  That could still happen?  Now I want that to happen.  Have Thea become a huge super villain that Oliver is constantly having to stop, without killing.  She could team up with evil Laurel and really blow his brain up.  No.  That can’t happen. Right?  This was a pretty big episode.  Oliver and Thea discover that their father got into some pretty shenanigans when he was romping around Star City.  I mean, they knew he got into some pretty heavy stuff, but, they never suspected that he was the kind of guy who would accidentally kill someone by pushing them into wet cement and then covering it up. This just reminds me of that episode of Flash (or was it Legends?) when you find out that Papa Queen ended up becoming the Arrow after Oliver died at sea.  I’m sorry.  How is it that Chase knows everything about everything and where exactly to find the evidence? Some dude was thrown into cement 15 years ago and not only did Chase have that guy cut out from that cement and mailed to Oliver’s office, he had the videotape evidence of their dad doing it. That’s a bit much, right?  Someone has to be helping him.  Someone with personal and detailed knowledge of all of the Queen family’s wrongdoings… It’s Thea, isn’t it? Does anyone believe that Chase actually gave up on his mission and willingly let Oliver capture him?  He knows something is about to happen that will result in his freedom.  Thea is coming to set him free. Also… Evil Laurel captures officer Lance next episode. THANK YOU, JEEBUS!
Barry Allen is Savitar.  Still can’t get over that one.  Let’s see if we can recap what the heck is actually going on in Flash. In the original timeline, Barry Allen was up against Savitar and created some time remnants to help him defeat him.  From what I remember, a time remnants is when Barry goes back in time a few minutes (or ahead in time) and pulls a version of himself into the present.  That new version of himself will disappear once the action they perform results in them never being created.  I guess they must be from the future? Okay.  Original timeline. Barry pulls a few versions of himself into the present to fight Savitar.  Savitar kills all of them, but one.  This time remnant kicks around for a little bit, goes bad and then becomes Savitar.  They go back to ancient Egypt and become the “God of Speed.”  They show up. Fight Allen.  Cycle begins again. He’s not future Barry.  He’s a potential future Barry.  So, they erase Barry’s mind in the present and it somehow results in Savitar losing his memory. That means he is the future version of Barry because his actions in the present result in the future Barry (Savitar) being affected.  What the hell is happening.  Least we finally figured out what Barry’s message from the future to Rip Hunter meant.  It’s gotta suck to find out that your future murderer is a version of boyfriend who goes crazy after you are murdered…


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