At what point does Team Arrow tell detective Lance that an alternate reality version of his dead daughter is sitting in a prison cell down the block? “Hey! Welcome back from rehab.  What did you miss?  Not a lot.  We have a new Black Canary.  She’s sassy.  Um. What else? What else?  Oh! Well. Laurel is back.  But, don’t worry.  It’s not your Laurel.  It’s a Laurel from Earth 2.  So… Get back to work!” That moment is going to be a gut punch.  Lance walking into the prison and meeting Earth 2 Laurel.  I know these shows are silly and fun.  But, imagine that moment?  Someone you love, who you lost.  Sitting in a room with that person.  Although, it’s not them.  It’s the them from another reality. Wowzers. I always thought Oliver was going to be the one to pull her from the darkness.  It never occurred to me that Lance might be the one to get through to her.  Oh, also Oliver was trained by Talia Al Ghul. That’s amazing. I was wondering when Past-Oliver was going to become a badass. Rene having a Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon relationship with Lance really hit a sweet spot for me.

White Martians. Am I right? Am I the only one not really invested in Kara hooking up with Mon-El? Only because it’s super obvious that he is not her Lois Lane.  It would be cool to have two superpowered beings date one another.  They would never really have to worry about the bad guys capturing one of them as leverage.  “We have captured your girlfriend!  You will bend to our will!”  “Wait.  You did.  Uhhh… Good luck with that.  Tell her dinner is at 7.”  I love me a good bottle episode.  Let’s trap a bunch of badasses in a secret military base with a shapeshifting alien. I loved all of the The Thing nods. Fire. Alien’s greatest weakness. Wait.  Mars is full of white Martians? So… I guess their Earth never sent a probe to Mars?  Ha!  Now I’m imaging how NASA would have reacted if when they received the first images from Curiosity and they were ful of thousands of photos of white Martians in a prayer circle. That shit would have been wack.  I love gay Alex.  Did you ever think that a Supergirl TV show would have one of the best coming out stories on television? Huh. What a world.  Speaking of worlds, good luck on Mars, Miss Martian.  It makes no sense to send you off, but, what do I know? 

I’m so conflicted! I love that badass Rip Hunter is back, but, he’s also a dick! Damn you, Legion of Doom!  Don’t you love how Legends of Tomorrow subtly references the overt racism of the time periods they are visiting?  I mean… you have to mention it.  Rory has a statue dedicated to him in Washington DC.  That is amazing.  I just like to imagine that George Washington had to describe to an artist what Rory looked like so that they could capture his likeness.  Do you think Martha Washington got tired of George always going on about this random dude who knew how to truly “be an American.” Wait.  Did Legends of Tomorrow get super political this week? All about resisting and standard up against tyranny? Nah.  I’m sure I’m reading into that. Way to step up, Jackson!  I’m happy that Legends didn’t cop out and have Rip find his humanity at some point in the episode.  Eobard erased those parts of his brain.  Duh. He’s bad until they find a way to put his brain back together.  I’m sure that Gideon has a copy of Rip’s brain laying around somewhere.  I kept wondering what would happy if Vixen suddenly imagined an elephant while she was on top of Nate.

Well, Iris is still alive.  For now.  Thank you for finally telling Joe that his daughter is going to die in 5 months at the hands of a speed god. Also, Joe… We need to talk.  If you are going to meet your girlfriend’s daughter for the first time… You do not take her out to dinner at a coffee shop.  Yes, it was a fancy jazz club on Earth 2, but, this ain’t Earth 2! So… is Kid Flash the fastest man alive now?  Hmmm.  All I know is… 2 episode Gorilla Grodd storyline! Nothing else matters!  GRODD!!


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