I know it’s weird to start one of these reviews by talking about the end of an episode, but, holy smokes! Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo are Mon-El’s parents!  Well.  I mean, they are clearly his parents, right? The king and queen of Daxam.  Right?  What are you doing, CW?  Lets cast our TV shows only with people that will make the nerds squeal in their pants.  Hercules and Lois Lane.  Get out of here.

I sort of forgot Savitar’s prophecy that one will betray Barry, one will die and one will suffer a fate worse than death.  Okay.  I didn’t forget.  I just assumed that they were going to forget all about that and never really talk about it.  I expected that it would involve everyone from the West family.  Real talk.  Is Jesse Quick, Savitar?  This was the first time that Barry started to press Savitar about his identity.  I didn’t really think he would going to end up being anyone until this last episode.  I was perfectly fine with him being some random speed entity.  Now, my wheels are all spinning thinking about who it can be.  The obvious answer is that Savitar is Wally.  But, why would Savitar banish Wally to the speed force?  He could have saved him and spared himself all the agony.  Unless, he’s crazy and like that’s a good, knows he needs to go through hell to become a god, and blames Barry for all of it.  Makes sense.  Still… If it’s Jesse… That puts a nice spin on it.  She goes into the speedforce to save Barry and ends up getting trapped there.  Then, Barry has a moment when he can only choose one of them.  Damn.  That’s pretty good.  I should write this stuff.

I still hope Wynn’s girlfriend doesn’t end up betraying him.  They are such a cute couple.  Once she was kidnapped by Cadmus, my suspicion lessened a little bit.  Still.  She could be working for some organization that wants access to the DEO.  Or access to Supergirl.  What happened to me?  Why can’t I believe in love?!  Alex is becoming my favorite part of Supergirl. A lot of time, with these shows, someone works for a secret organization of badasses and you forget that they are a complete badass.  This episode did a really good job of reminding me why Alex is such a high ranking agent of the DEO.  Was it this episode where someone told Dean Cain that he was ‘all the Superman they need.’  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME. CW!? I love that they completely own it.  So… I sort of wanted Supergirl to fail at stopping the spaceship from launching.  Then, you get Alex on a ship, with some aliens, trying to get back to Earth.  How cool would that show be?  Almost as cool as Supergirl is this season.

Rip Hunter is back, baby!  This episode was great.  Only because, at one point, I was watching a show about a bunch of time travelers, going on an adventure in their captain’s mind castle, while he was making out with the physical form of his ship’s artificial intelligence.  Can you believe that? I also got to watch a superhero use her mystical animal totem to communicate with a T-Rex. Mick is still the coolest son of a gun traveling through the timestream.


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