I wonder what the next main DC CW crossover is going to be about?  This is what keeps me up at night. Supergirl is way too powerful for the main Arrow-verse.  There is  no one on that world that poses a threat to her. I still laugh whenever I think of that scene of her hovering, unphased, while Rory is tickling her with his fire gun and Diggle is throwing bullets at her. What’s the next scenario that offers equal levels of drama for everyone involved? How do you get Oliver Queen and Supergirl, fighting some threat, while both are being presented with a challenge that is almost beyond their skill levels? Giant robots? Zombies? Tell me.  Help me sleep at night.  I’ve been awake for months.  Kill me. Also… There was an alien invasion in the Arrow-verse and no one ever talks about it.  It’s a conspiracy.

Well.  That Music Meister was super delightful. I sort of expected to find myself cringing through the entire episode. It must have been fun rummaging through the CW files and seeing which DC actors have singing experience. Malcolm Merlyn?  Has Barry ever met him?  Who cares, he knows how to sing.  Throw him in there. You want more air time, Caitlin?  Maybe take a singing lesson. So… The Music Meister is just some, omnipotent being that travels around the multiverse helping heroes get their groove back? I can dig it. Why didn’t it end with him saying something like “On to my next challenge.  He’s a real grump who works out of a cave.”  Twitter would have melted. I wanted more spontaneous dance routines! “Super Friend” was something of a bit of happiness. Written by Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Seriously, they were tapping anyone with musical experience for this one. “You can go back in time and give it another shot!”  “I’m actually not supposed to do that anymore.”  That was perfect.  WHEN HAS BARRY MET SUPERMAN and why wasn’t I informed of this?  Do Cisco and Barry sit around watching interdimensional television like Rick and Morty? Cause, that’s a bottle episode I wouldn’t mind watching.  Wynn really needed to jump to Earth 1 with Jon and Mon-El. Although… the team finally meeting the Martian Manhunter was sick.  I needed Diggle to be there for some reason.

I TOLD YOU NOT TO BREAK WYNN’S HEART!  Ugh.  I hated how predictable that was going to be.  Suddenly, Wynn’s girlfriend is an art thief who is being forced to trick dude’s into stealing famous piece of art because an evil alien art thievin’ gang has her brother captured? Not buying it. I guess it was going to happen sooner or later.  Did it, though? It was obvious from the moment she arrived that she was going to betray him somehow.  Why?  Because the nerdy friends of heroes aren’t allowed to hook up with sexy aliens.  It’s the thing.  I’m just happy it’s over with and now they are just a regular couple?  Wait.  They stayed together, right?  Also, did Hercules and Lois Lane fly back to Daxam? Nah… No way they are giving up that easy.  Is it wrong that I’m with Momma Mon-El?  If Daxam is really still alive out there, Mon-El definitely should be the one ruling it.  He’s learned lessons and stuff. So, Mon-El is okay knowing that his planet is going to continue to be ruled by his family who don’t really give a poop about the people living on it?  All because he’s got a girlfriend on Earth? … A super hot, amazing, powerful girlfriend on Earth.

Can I tell you that it’s super refreshing to watch a season of Arrow where the city is not on the verge of being ripped apart?  How happy are the citizens of Star City that May is steadily approaching and rumors of earthquake making machines falling into enemy hands are circulating through the streets?  Seriously, it’s been months since a random fundraiser was shot up. Maybe Oliver Queen is actually a good mayor?  I did not expect that ending.  How the hell does Oliver come back from that realization? What the hell does this mean for the show?  I’m sorry, but, when the hero of the show realizes that he’s a bad guy, there’s really not a lot of ways back from that?  …Oh.  I get it.  This is all a trick. A brilliant psychological trick perfectly crafted to completely dismantle Oliver Queen.  It’s one thing to fight him.  Break him.  All that is easy.  Anyone who has been watching him for long enough would know how to do that.  Heck, Malcolm Merlyn knows how to do that.  Rock him to his core, though?  That’s the trick.  This is totally going to result in Oliver going into his own head and defeating a darkness inside of him, isn’t it?  He just admitted to that fact he kills because he likes it.  Not for justice.  Not because it’s the right thing to do.  He does it because he likes it.  That’s like Batman admitting that the only reason why he fights crime is because he loves the feel of nylon against his skin.  … He’s forever tainted!  No.  2 episodes from now, we have Oliver Queen in a monastery, fighting a dark version of himself.  Then, he comes back with a greener suit and a goatee. You heard it here, folks.

Damn. Eobard is a chump.  I half expected him to be waiting for them to show up and that was actually a hologram of him on that computer typing away on the keys.  The Legends really just pulled up to the Vanishing Point and stole the Spear of Destiny back in the first 10 minutes?  Thawne… You a punk.  So… Captain Cold is back before he could learn how to be a good guy and feel things and stuff.  Boooo!  I kept thinking he was going to show up as Citizen Cold after Flashpoint.  I don’t want jerk Frost back.  He talks weird and breaks hearts.  I want the Frost who talks weird and sacrifices his life for his friends Frost.  There’s still good in him, Mick.  You’ll see!  AHAHA… Tolkien. Ha… Legends of Tomorrow is really going down a particular list.  When does Gene Roddenberry show up to help Sarah win a mud wrestling tournament in the 80s?  I love storyline where the bad guys rewrite reality and end up making the good guys a bunch of losers. Yes… it would be so much easier to kill them, but, definitely worth the chuckles.


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