Our last recap ended with the Monarch in jail and poor Hank and Dean dead.  This being The Venture Bros., though, that’s not the end of the story.  In the Season Two premiere, we get the payoff to some things that have been teased for a long time.  This one’s pretty swell, so let’s get to it!

“Screw the boys!  I wanna stay here with my new family and their feel-good candy!” – Dr. Venture

The season opens with a montage.  We see Brock digging two graves at the Venture Compound.  Billy Quizboy affixes a prosthetic hand to Jonas Jr.’s flipper arm.  Dr. Orpheus and Triana eat dinner, and Orpheus starts to cry.  The Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend are cozy in their love nest.  A forlorn Monarch sits in his prison cell.  An actual monarch butterfly lands on his hand, and he eats it.  21 and 24 blow up the Cocoon.  Doc breaks away from Brock, Billy, and White and flies off in the X-1.  We see him travel the world with Brock in pursuit. Tibet, the Amazon, a Native American sweat lodge, an opium den.  Finally, at a rave, Brock catches and tranquilizes him.

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