Back in June, I wrote an article about how twitter will save live tv.  On Sunday, the single biggest televised event of the year aired to record ratings.  And while it’s true that The Superbowl doesn’t need any help attracting viewers, I think most people will agree that watching the game and all the surrounding hoopla while online makes the event that much more fun.

Case in point:  The mysterious 34 minute blackout just after the start of the third quarter.  It took everyone by surprise, and the culprit is still to be determined.  That left the internet a gaping hole to fill with awesomeness.  Oreo tweeted itself a brilliant ad for free that provided a nice follow up to the tv spot that had aired moments before.  Celebs and regular folks alike came up with hilarious (if sometimes offensive) tweets and facebook status updates that speculated on the cause.  If anyone was worried this was an act of terror or that Bane himself was going to materialize on the field, at least this online humor could provide a welcome distraction from the fear.  Here’s a list of the highlights.  I think we can all agree that Aziz Ansari won twitter for the night.

The commercials, perhaps not as inspired this year as in the past, were still made much more enjoyable when people were able to react instantly to them on social media, even the bad ones.  And the internet is a marketing dream in the sense that one $4 million spot can live on for much longer than 30 seconds if it’s a hit online.

I’ll give you my favorites for your consideration:

Budweiser “Brotherhood”–The story of a clydesdale foal and his caretaker being reunited when he’s full grown.  Just try not to get choked up.

Doritos “Goat 4 Sale”–Sure it’s ridiculous, but it’s an ad for tortilla chips.  And angry, screaming goats are scary!

M&Ms ‘Love Ballad”–Naya Rivera’s performance in this commercial is better than the entire current season of Glee.

Best Buy “Asking Amy”–You had to know a commercial with Amy Poehler was going to be on my list.  Her technology questions are great (“Are we in the cloud right now?”) and this is apparently part of a multi-spot campaign.

Samsung ‘Next Big Thing”–Two minutes of Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Bob Odenkirk being awesome while selling phones.  Paul and Seth first argue about who was really called for the meeting with Odenkirk’s character and it starts with Paul’s zinger to Seth: “I’ve never seen you so excited about something that’s not food.”

Jeep “America Will Be Whole”–This automotive-sponsored tribute to our returning soldiers beats the Dodge Ram tribute to our nation’s farmers not because of the voice (Paul Harvey trumps Oprah on that score), but because it has way better product integration. And if you’re dropping that much money on a spot, you really need people to remember what it’s for in addition to the sentiment.

And the worst:

Go Daddy “Perfect Match”–First things first…has Bar Refaeli fired her agent yet?  Secondly, there were supposedly over 60 takes done for this spot. How many were like a scene out of the first American Pie before they got one that was usable?  Bottom line, this wasn’t a victory for nerds or sexy and provocative.  It was gross and the sounds were vomit inducing and wholly unnecessary.

Wonderful Pistachios “Psy”–The Macarena of 2012 is trying to extend its life further into 2013.  Dear Lord, make it stop.

Century 21 “Mini Mart”–I’m thinking that the husband choking on a hot dog while his oblivious wife is looking for real estate in the wake of their lottery win should be re-evaluating some things in his life, no?

Did I miss any of the best or the worst?  Do you think social media and internet in general make watching The Big Game a more communal experience than ever before? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. HoH8 says:

    my favorite was The Walking Dead one just cause i LOVE The Walking Dead and Norman Reedus is my Baby, lol…☺…

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