It’s been quite a year for our friends at Kickstart Comics, and they have one more release coming out this year.  Danger Academy comes out this Wednesday, and it’s a great way to wrap up 2011.  Just to give you a taste, it is a book which includes a supporting character named “Doc Violent” who leads a group of ninja librarians.  That, it should go without saying, is awesome.

Danger Academy is an action-comedy set at a boarding school for children of spies.  It’s Hogwart’s with jet-boots and robots instead of talking owls.  (Sample lesson:  “When severing the carotid artery, it’s best to aim for an upward motion…”)  It stars John, who is essentially the son of a female version of James Bond, after he’s forcibly transferred toSpychesterAcademy.  And as you can tell from the name “SpychesterAcademy” (and “Doc Violent”, for that matter), it’s very much tongue-in-cheek.  (My favorite joke is the role call.  All of the students are re-named “Smith” to preserve anonymity.  The role call scene practically writes itself from there.)

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