It’s a really solid blend of action and comedy.  Early on, John’s rivalry with Ernest is established.  Ernest is the son of Danger Academy’s version of Blofeld, and he’s unrelentingly nasty.  (And I just now realized that Blofeld’s first name was actually “Ernst”.  Hee!)  Of course, there’s some bad blood between John and Ernest from the very beginning.  But it goes beyond simple bullying, as Ernest is still affiliated with his father’s organization S.M.A.S.H. (“Secret Militaristic Agency of Sadistic Hatred”) this results in an attack on Spychester with surprisingly devastating consequences, and the Spychester students set out for revenge.

There’s something kind of reminiscent of The Venture Bros. in Danger Academy – the style and the setting are very different, but the way they embrace the ridiculous genre tropes and then look at the relatable details behind them is similar.  For me, that’s a winning formula.  And I will always laugh when somebody shouts out what they’re doing in a fight – a favorite move in Danger Academy is for various characters to announce “Judo Chop!” while, you know, judo chopping.  Cracks me up every time.

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