The action scenes are really exciting – the art by Dan Boultwood is more cartoony than anything we’ve seen from Kickstart so far, and I love it.  There’s a strong sense of motion, and an exaggerated dynamic quality that’s tremendously appealing.  It almost looks like a storyboard for a cartoon.  The characters are really well-designed, too.  They’re just detailed enough to be easily distinguishable without looking too busy. 

Writer and creator Tony Lee has done a lot of work for various publishers over the last few years, and his scripts have always been clever.  He’s come up with such a great premise here, one with seemingly endless possibilities.  And if fact, though you get a complete story, Danger Academy is the only Kickstart book so far to end with a “To Be Continued…”.  I’d certainly love another volume of Danger Academy, so I hope that’s a real teaser and not just a nod to the way James Bond movies used to end (“James Bond will return in….”). 

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