In stark contrast to ATHF, KNOWBODYS is tightly plotted with more than a few surprises along the way.  And there’s plenty of craziness, too.  From the deadpan confrontations with ghostly ne’er do wells and the overweight Roman Centurion working security to the climactic fight scene that involves lightsabers and a harpoon gun, there are plenty of nice touches that keep the whole thing just a little off-center.

I really like the family scenes, too – their kids, Henry and Lilly, have no idea that their parents battle the supernatural professionally.  They aren’t very good at hiding it, though.  Derk occasionally confronts miscreants right in front of his kids and isn’t so careful about making sure the kitchen’s empty before he enters via secret passage.  We’ve seen the “secret agent hiding things from their family” bit before, but this is a funny take on that trope.  The kids even get to play a role in the story, when it turns out that Lilly may have inherited her parents’ abilities, while Henry is just baffled by everything that’s happening around him.  Poor kid can’t even see the ghosts…

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