A little over a year ago, DC Comics relaunched their entire line, in most cases starting continuity over from scratch.  This resulted in huge sales and comics that range from “excellent” to “the worst thing”.  For my part, I went from reading a lot of DC titles to reading the Batman books and couple of others.  But because anything one of the Big Two does that makes money will be immediately copied by their competitor, Marvel is doing something similar with their “Marvel NOW!” initiative.

In this case, they’re not relaunching everything at the same time, and they’re not throwing out old continuity.  It’s more of an influx of new creative teams and new status quos – it’s still the same Marvel Universe as it was last month.  Some books are starting over with a new first issue, some are just continuing with the old numbering.  The initiative will roll out over the next few months, with continuing series gradually switching over to the official “Marvel NOW!” design.  Which seems unnecessarily confusing, I’ll admit.  Regardless, I’m going to review them.  I’ll review each first issue, and for the continuing series, I’ll review the issue where they first add “Marvel NOW!” to the cover.  That phrase gets more annoying every time you type it, by the way.  I feel like it helps if you imagine that “NOW!” is supposed to be shouted.

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