Around here, we probably think about Batman more than is strictly healthy.  And one thing that we think about is just how few people managed to figure out that Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight are one and the same.  Ra’s al Ghul, Bane, Superman, and only a handful of others.  Of course, in the movies Batman sometimes pushes it a little.  

Just because Superman only cracked the case by using X-ray vision doesn’t mean that Bruce should hang out with the same people in both identities, especially if he can’t stop himself from referencing conversations he had in his other persona.  I mean, seriously Michael Keaton Batman – you’re going to have the exact same conversation about mistletoe twice with Selina Kyle?  Once in costume, and once out?  Kind of hotdogging it with the ol’ secret identity, don’t you think?  (“She’ll think everybody just talks about eating mistletoe!  Like that’s a new thing!”)

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