Geniac, his well-meaning sidekick, thinks that it’ll help for Warren Sherman (Captain Supreme’s secret identity) to go to his ten-year high school reunion.  And that leads to some awkward parental conversations, unrequited crushes, mistaken sexuality, and long-simmering rivalries coming to a head.  It’s hilarious, action-packed and well-observed.

What I love is the way there are so many different kinds of comedy in here.  There’s super-hero satire, with Captain Supreme having to deal with villains like Dutch Oven (Yes, he’s planning to release poisonous gas.) and fending off a lawsuit from Superman for copyright infringement.  I think my favorite joke in the whole book is about how Aquaman sold his international rights.  But there’s also a very funny story about relationships here – Warren wants another chance with Veronica, his high school crush.  So Warren’s in competition with her rich and perfect boyfriend while still trying to maintain his secret identity.  I love the Clark Kent vibe here, because writers Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin develop Warren so well – he’s a guy who has an easy solution in front of him, but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.  He can’t compromise his morals, but it’s hard for him to make that choice.  There’s a real emotional resonance in this story.

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