Rift RaidersI’m sure there’s a better, more professional way to say this, but Rift Raiders is a freaking hoot!  It’s a time travel adventure with great action scenes, appealing characters, and a twisty, satisfying plot.  It’s an absolute blast all the way through.

Dodger is a teenager who happens to be the world’s greatest thief.  His parents are treasure hunters with a secret – they’re time travelers.  An accident pulls his parents into the timestream while Dodger ends up at a home for wayward youths.  From there, it quickly turns into an adventure when Dodger meets nerdy Miles and the sadistic Sikes and the time travel plot thickens.  Toss in Layla, the greatest warrior of all time (She trained with Shaolin Monks in 1560, Mohammed Ali in 1975, and Wild Bill in 1876, among others.), and then everything gets awesome.

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