It’s a lot of fun, and I really like the approach the story takes to fairy tales.  There’s a scene set at the grave of Little Red Riding Hood, and we get just enough backstory to make it seem plausible that the story was based on a real person – a wolf didn’t actually put on her grandmother’s clothes, but the broad strokes of the story are based on historical fact.  It’s a cool approach that doesn’t get bogged down in unnecessary detail.

The storytelling here is really wonderful – not only does it set up the rules of their world, but it introduces the characters and sends them on an adventure that spans the globe without ever losing control.  A whole lot happens between the covers, and the pacing is just perfect.  There are fight scenes, ancient traps, magic, and still somehow, there’s time to get to know Owen and SallyMirror, Mirror moves along at a fast pace, but it doesn’t feel busy.  It’s great story structure, and it’s so much fun to read.

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