I was not familiar with writer Joshua Williamson, but the man really knows how to tell a story.  (On the strength of Mirror, Mirror, I sought out some of his earlier work, and it’s also great.) He sells the premise wonderfully, and even succeeds in making us like Owen, who starts out as a privileged jerk.  I do know artist Lee Moder’s work, though.  He drew the much-missed Stars and STRIPE for DC a few years back.  I liked his art then, and this looks even better.  He’s amazing with facial expressions, and he does an excellent job choreographing the action scenes.  Moder can draw a page of people talking and have it look as good as the scene where the magic mirror awakens and things get all crazy.  Oh, and the cover by the great Darwyn Cooke is absolutely gorgeous.  If I saw it on the rack with no information, the cover alone would have guaranteed that I’d take a look.

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