After writing 52 reviews last month, I thought I was out of the game for a while.  But then, our good friends at Kickstart Comics sent over a copy of this week’s new release, Book Smart.  Written by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (All-Star Western, and about a hundred other series) with art by Juan Santacruz (Kickstart’s Endangered), Book Smart is an absolute blast.  Mystery, adventure, and a surprising amount of comedy all come together in this story of an amnesiac woman and the large number of people who want her dead.

Book Smart’s protagonist may or may not be named Samantha Rayne, and she’s a great addition to Kickstart’s line of strong female lead characters.  She wakes up in Kathmandu with amnesia after being injured in an expedition.  Samantha doesn’t get much time to reflect on her situation, because henchmen start trying to rough her up almost immediately.  And that’s when she finds out that even if she doesn’t know her name, she’s got fighting skills that point to some sort of training and a possible dark past.

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