This is one of my favorites of the Kickstart line, which if you’ll recall, is made up of books that I like a whole lot.   The story is relentlessly clever and well-conceived.  Throughout the action, Palmiotti and Gray never lose sight of the fact that the main character doesn’t know who she is.  She doesn’t completely give herself over to the fun of finding out that she kicks all sorts of ass, which I appreciated.  They really have a strong take on the amnesia concept (which is a hard thing to make work), where they don’t lose sight of the information that Samantha doesn’t have.  She can’t let herself be attracted to Sean, the teacher who ends up dragged along on the adventure.  After all, she doesn’t know if she’s actually married or engaged.  And in a nice inversion of the usual formula, Sean is the one who’s immediately lovestruck and Samantha is the badass.  (Which is not to say that Sean doesn’t have his moments – after all, he’s a guy who helps move the plot along with the line “I picked the guy’s pocket while we were on fire”.  You can’t tell me that isn’t awesome.) 

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