And to get slightly off-topic here, I’ve been reviewing a lot of comics lately – all 52 first issues in the DC Relaunch.  One thing that really had me down by the end of that stretch was the treatment of women.  (Not in all of the titles, by any means.  But the ones that were bad were so bad.)  I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but Kickstart, from Day One, has really been excellent at portraying female characters.  Strong, capable, but distinct – they’re not just pulling from a “Female Character” spreadsheet, and while attractive, they’re not hyper-sexualized.  Here, Samantha is drawn as an attractive woman, but she also dresses like an adult with good judgment – she’s not going to Nepal in something skintight and low-cut.  Her neckline remains distinctly neck-adjacent throughout the book.  It’s just really heartening to see something like Book Smart right now.  And heck, it really makes me happy that I can recommend any book in Kickstart’s line without having to be a little embarrassed by boob shots or weird sexual politics.  Books like Witch, Book of Lilah, Headache, Bad Guys and many others have well-written and tastefully portrayed female leads, which is exactly what the industry needs right now. 

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