That’s not to say there isn’t an emotional core, either.  Sure, there are plenty of increasingly destructive shotgun fights, but we never really lose sight of the fact that Walker is a guy who lost his wife.  He wants to finish things so that he can die.  We even see occasional dream sequences with Walker achieving his peace, and it gives him more resonance than your standard indestructible badass.

I love the art here – it really conveys violence without being lurid.  There are stranglings, exploding bodies, and severed limbs, but it’s remarkably free of gore.  It’s very clean storytelling that occasionally shows us horrible things, but doesn’t dwell on it.  The style reminds me a little of the work of Carlos Ezquierra, especially in the faces. Denton and Jacobs really pack a lot onto the page without cluttering it, making for some really striking sequences.

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