With their second anniversary just around the corner, our friends at Kickstart Comics have a new graphic novel in stores today.  Divine Wind, written by Jeff Amano with art by Julian Totino Tedesco, is unlike anything they’ve ever published before.  I’m saying this as a guy who’s liked everything that they’ve put out up to this point, but Divine Wind might be the best thing they’ve ever done.  While they’ve published a lot of great entertainment up to this point, Divine Wind is something different altogether.  It’s art.

Set in the late 13th Century, Divine Wind tells the story of the Mongol invasion of Japan.  But it not only presents the larger story of the battles, but it gives us smaller stories about some of the individual combatants.  It is, and I mean this as a compliment, what 300 would have been if 300 hadn’t been ridiculous.

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