The art couldn’t be more suited for the story.  Tedesco (whose recent Marvel work has been excellent) creates pages that are the perfect blend of storytelling and style.  His characters are expressive, and his battle scenes are gorgeous.  I am not great at talking about art, but his Divine Wind style has a very Japanese feel to it.  Not manga at all, but more of a classical style.  Some panels look like they should be hanging on the wall of an upscale sushi restaurant.  (I’m sure there’s a name for the style, but I don’t know it.)  No matter how big the action scenes get, neither Tedesco nor Amano ever lose sight of the humanity.  Tedesco also handles the colors, with some lovely muted tones that give way to bursts of color and action.  It’s a beautiful book to just flip through – every page has something that will seize your attention, whether it’s expertly rendered character acting, incredibly detailed warships, or fluid action scenes.

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