There are so many perfect scenes – I love the page where a gravely injured Tametomo asks Shoichi to tie a sword to his hand so he can continue fighting.  Or Shoichi’s inspirational speech when things are at their darkest.  It’s brilliant work.

I’ve been a big fan of Kickstart’s output so far, but Divine Wind is on a whole different level.  It’s one of the best comics I’ve read all year – it’s amazing.

As always, if you can’t get to a comic store, all of Kickstart’s books are available on the Comixology app.  Also, with their most recent releases, they’ve gone to a regular comic size, instead of the smaller-digest size.  (Without a price increase, I might add.)  The new format does Divine Wind a big favor, giving the art more room to breathe.  You should check it out.

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