Our friends at Kickstart have a couple of new graphic novels coming out today – MAXIMUM HIGH and DUPLICATE.  They let me take an early look to check them out, and I’m pleased to report that they’ve done a great job once again.  Let’s get to the reviews so I can talk about zero gravity fighting and robot secret agents!

MAXIMUM HIGH – Created by Pushing Daisies writers Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasy, adapted for comics by Mark Haven Britt, and featuring art by Tomas Moron, MAXIMUM HIGH plays with the old trope of a juvenile delinquent faced with the choices of jail or the army.  Only in this case, Derek Jasinski gets to choose between jail and Maximum High – a “high security re-education center” that will make use of his extra-legal talents and turn him into a secret agent.  Or possibly kill him.  And because making juvenile delinquents better at what they do is the sort of mission statement that can only have negative consequences, there’s something shady going on at Maximum High.

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