DUPLICATE – Mark Sable wrote one of Kickstart’s first releases, Rift Raiders.  He’s done a lot since then, including Graveyard of Empires (which was good enough to make me break my “no zombies” rule), and now he’s back with DUPLICATE.  Zekiel Dax is a well-meaningSilicon Valley office drone.  He’s a devoted husband and father, and a solid citizen who always drives one mile per hour under the speed limit.  Zekiel Dax is also a fast-living secret agent.

In order to cover for Dax when he’s off on missions (which is most of the time), his employers created a robot duplicate.  The Dax who goes to work and spends time with his family and follows the rules is a robot programmed to think that he’s the real thing.  He only finds out the truth after an attempt on Dax’s life.  This results in what can only  be called a massive identity crisis.

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