First off, Tony Shasteen’s art is absolutely gorgeous.  The designs of the various familiars are absolutely fantastic – Ridley has a very cool design that feels immediately iconic.  Aaron’s familiar, Lucy, is similarly well-designed.  They just pop off the page.  It’s not just the monsters – there’s a great flow to the pages, and the emotion in his faces is impressive.  It’s quite lovely.

I’m not familiar with co-writers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, except for the fact that “Terry Matalas” was a character on a later season of 24.  It certainly doesn’t read like a first script, though.  The dialogue is witty, with more than a few genuine laughs.  And there are some great surprise reveals.  There are at least three big “No way!” moments, including the last-page hook that would seem to leave room for a sequel. 

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