With my creator owned work, I think the challenge is the lack of limitations.  I don’t want to break all the rules just because I can, and without editorial guidance I have to reign myself in.

But ultimately, it’s all about serving the story well.  I’m always trying to tell the best story possible so readers will want to come back for more.

EJ:  Who are your influences as a writer?

MARK:  It’s probably easier for me to name which writers AREN’T an influence (although that might not be the best career move).

The no brainers are Stan and Jack, who not only created most of the medium’s most memorable characters, but dared to create something new rather than simply build on the work of others.  I marvel at Alan Moore‘s craftmanship and his ability to move seamlessly between genres – I’m amazed that the same person could create Watchmen, From Hell, and League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

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