MARK:  The concept was in place before I knew Julian, but the script was written (and re-written with him in mind).  At first, I played to what I thought his strengths were from Unthinkable – drawing incredible detail.  So I tried create little period-piece vignettes to showcase every conceivable time and place I could fit in an 88 page graphic novel.  Some things I thought he’d draw incredibly include giant Zeppelins, Steampunk Exoskeletons and reptilian humanoids who evolved in place of man.

But I noticed two things very quickly from Julian’s character designs and the first few pages.  He was experimenting with a looser style, with these incredibly expressive characters who seemed to move across the pages with an incredible dynamism.  So instead of trying to overload him with detail I tried to give him more space than he had in Unthinkable, and let him have fun.  I couldn’t be more pleased with his results.

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