Hurt the ones that don’t deserve it?  I don’t know.  Maybe we haven’t persecuted Frylock enough, or maybe we’ve persecuted Shake, Meatwad and Carl too much.  The audience loves it when we turn a 180 and destroy what has never been destroyed.  It’s like showing Al Gore the video footage of snow in Burbank last year; it’s unexpected.

Back to your new book, I was really surprised by the tone of KNOWBODYS – While I think fans of your TV work will really enjoy it, I was surprised by the idealism of the characters.  You have characters who really care about one another, and Derk and Betty spend the book risking their lives to do good.  On AUPS1 and your other shows, the lead characters are cynical, simple, or sometimes both.  Basically, Derk Knowbody is the exact opposite of Master Shake.  Along those lines, there’s the scene with the Hallowed Passage.  It’s just this lovely little moment before all the monster fighting.  To me, it seems like it establishes that there’s good in their world that makes it worth fighting for, and I find it really interesting.  Is there anything you want to say about that scene?

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