Welcome to the exciting new world of 2013!  And while we just finished up a pretty great TV year, we’ve got some hopes, dreams, and wishes for the new year.  Just a few things that TV can do to make us happy and just maybe make 2013 the best year ever.  No pressure, though.

1.  This was on our fall season wish list, but thanks to weird scheduling it’s still weighing on our hearts.  We really just want Season 4 of Community to be good.  Ideally, we’d like to be on Team Harmon, but we’re really on Team Troy and Abed and we want them to continue being awesome.  Our fingers are crossed that the new showrunners can find the right vibe and keep us in love with the Greendale Seven.  Well, Six.

2. These goofy reality shows need to be great!–These various reality shows, two of which are straight up spoofs of the genre, will be gracing our screens early in 2013.

Burning Love won’t be on TV; you have to go here to watch it. And we think you should. (Check out Season One while you wait!) This one can’t help but be fantastic, mostly because the material is so rich and the folks involved are comedy all-stars, so we’re pumped!

The Joe Schmo Show has been on twice before (back in 2003 and 2004), sending up various reality conventions with one unsuspecting “schmo” who’s not in on the joke, and we’re so excited that it’s back for more. Ralph Garman is back from the first two go-rounds as the “host”, and this time the show is supposed to be looking for America’s Next Bounty Hunter. Even the actual Lorenzo Lamas is participating! In our opinion, not nearly enough folks saw the first two incarnations of this show, so we hope this one is more popular and just as awesome. Fun Fact: Kristen Wiig was on the first version, so it’s clear that awesome comic talent is involved!

King of the Nerds, a new TBS reality show, features self-proclaimed nerds competing for this title, and we probably wouldn’t think too much of it, except for the fact that Nerd royalty Robert Carradine and Curtis “Booger” Armstrong are hosting. We really want this to be good!

3.  We hope The Americans turns out to be great and gets FX back in the drama game.  Sure, Justified and Sons of Anarchy are awesome, and American Horror Story has a significant fanbase, but FX used to go right from one drama to the next.  Now we have long breaks without original programming, and we’re still sort of broken after the quick cancellations of Terriers and Lights Out.  So not only do we want the show to be good, but we want it to be successful enough to stick around for years.  Is that too much to ask?

4.  We’d love to see Survivor stop cannibalizing its own history and just do an all-new season that doesn’t bring back returning players or trade on knowledge of past seasons.  Wait, what’s that?  Next season is “All-Stars vs. Fans”?  Sigh.  Never mind.

5.  Do No Harm, starring Rescue Me alum Steven Pasquale (love him!) looks intriguing, edgy and cool. Of course, that could just be Steven looking that way and the show could suck, but we have hopes that it will be a fun 21st Century take on Jekyll & Hyde with some pretty high stakes. Seriously, the guy is a surgeon. He could slice and dice people if he feels like it!

6.  It’s the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this year.  We’re sure the BBC has something big planned, but it would be pretty great to see all of the surviving Doctors get involved.  By all reports it would be easier to get the late William Hartnell to participate than it would to get Christopher Eccleston, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

7.  Longtime favorites The Office, 30 Rock, and Fringe are all ending this year.  We hope they all go out on high notes.  While this seems more likely in some cases than in others, we’ve spent a lot of time with these shows over the years, and we’d really like to see them end well.  And in our heart of hearts, we’re really hoping that Mark Pellegrino reprises his role as Jacob from LOST on 30 Rock.  Kenneth has made numerous references to him over the years.  Actually, we know that Kenneth is much older than he looks, much like Richard Alpert.  Now that we think about it, the whole of 30 Rock could have been Jacob’s complex attempt to bring a successor to the Island.  That would be the best thing, right?

8. Revenge, Dallas and Nashville all need to heat up–The popularity of these shows has signaled the official return of the mighty nighttime soap, but they’ve all suffered from high expectations and not quite having the payoffs we viewers were hoping for. However, they offer the right amounts of fashion and real estate porn (and in Nashville’s case, incredible music) to keep us engaged when the plot points don’t blow our minds. In 2013, we are counting on all three to bring the same crazy twists and turns to the stories they tell.

9.  The CW has a show coming out this spring called The Cult, and it’s presented as an investigation into the passionate fanbase of a CW show called The Cult.  Also, it stars T-Bagg from Prison Break.  Our hope for 2013 is that this turns out to be just as awesome as it sounds.

10.  Some of our favorites haven’t been confirmed for new seasons yet, so we’re hoping that Adult Swim’s Delocated and IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk come back.  And if CBB returns, they need to have 15-year-old intern Marissa Wompler (Jessica St. Clair) on the show.  Womp up the jamz!

11.  For the love of all that is good and decent, can we please meet the damn Mother, already?!

Do you have any TV wishes?  Let us know in the comments!  And also toss a penny into the nearest well, just to be safe.

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