Aeropress Coffee MakerFor years now, I’ve toiled away trying to brew a cuppa joe on par with the great coffee I enjoy at fancy restaurants following a fancy meal (yes, I’m fancy). I mean, I’m all about a simple brew from a greasy spoon a la Mel’s Diner or Monk’s, but sometimes I just really want to be all uppity like Frasier and Niles at Café Nervosa or the Friends gang at Central Perk. Well, this year, Santa put an end to my toil. Santa sent me an Aeropress.  For those not familiar with an AeroPress, it’s a device, invented in 2005, for brewing coffee. Aeropress Coffee Maker – It allows users to make a seriously strong cup of Espresso, and then pour hot water over said Espresso to make an Americana cup of coffee. It was 11 p.m. and I enjoyed my first AeroPress cup of coffee, and since that didn’t allow me to sleep, I thought I’d write about the experience. Even those snobby Crane brother would be impressed.

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6 Responses to Aeropress: Coffee so good it would shut up the Gilmore Girls.

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  2. […] I read about somewhere) and started my coffee making. I boiled some water, readied my Aeropress, then followed all the steps necessary, but I skipped one important thing. I forgot to grind the […]

  3. […] It’s not like I choke and gag when I drink a drip brew, but I’ve come too far with the AeroPress, French Presses, and Americanos at my local coffee houses. I can’t go back to the old way. I […]

  4. […] blog, I convinced my friend Matt to order himself an AeroPress. I hope he ordered it via a link on spunkybean so I get, like, 13-cents …but either way, I convinced him. Matt is like me …a curious […]

  5. […] people notice. I made a video for my buddy Matt about making multiple cups of coffee via an AeroPress, and then some random guy on YouTube responded to my video with a video of his own. In it, he shows […]

  6. […] make great coffee. Every morning I get up early and create a caffeinated work of art with my Aeropress, and I’ve gone almost exclusively to the upside down Aeropress technique. So good. So smooth. […]

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