Billed as the “Last Summer on Earth Tour”, this lineup will give you a major 90s flashback while reminding you that a lot of that music was actually pretty good!  Toledo, Ohio was the first stop on the tour, and despite record heat (it was about 95 degrees with 100% humidity at showtime in the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater), the bands all played on.  Barenaked Ladies are the headliners here, and they’ve assembled a strong group of warm up acts.

Cracker (best known for songs like “Low” and “Eurotrash Girl”), Big Head Todd & The Monsters (still a popular live act despite their lack of big hits since their mid 90s heyday) and Blues Traveler, once a huge Top 40 act with hits like “Run Around” and “The Hook” who demonstrated immediately why they should still be big.  Luckily, they’ve got a new album out–”Suzie Cracks The Whip”–and it’s a  blend of strong musicianship, great pop lyrics and John Popper’s unique voice.  Each band’s set was a bit short, and it would have been fun to see any of the guys come out and join The Ladies during their set, particularly Popper and his harmonica.

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