We have talked a lot about Dark Knight Rises on this here website.  And in person.  And on various forms of social media.  This led us to see what other people were saying about the movie on Twitter.  So we put together a list of the funniest DKR Tweets we found.  Then we removed everything that was about Bane voice, because while Bane voice is the best thing, we think that’s been pretty well covered by now. 

@BenjaminBirdie Has anybody edited in ‘Jon’ from Delocated into the Jim Gordon hospital scene? #DarkKnightRises #GoodGuyClub


@meganlawyer No one wins in a head butt, except Bane.  He’s awesome.


@Kearsten Is anyone ever fooled by an eye mask?  If I wear one to work, will I go unrecognized?  Or does it only happen in comic books?

“Who is that masked librarian?  She seems so tortured and ready to recommend teen books?” #DarkKnightRises


@peteholmez (Pete Holmes) “Hello, Time Warner?  I need to speak with someone about setting up local Gotham cable in a secret prison.  Yes, I’ll hold” – Bane


@Apey (April Richardson)

“Upholding a find tradition of seeing every Batman film on opening night since 1989; F U JOEL SCHUMACHER” (What’s on my commemorative plate)






I’m struggling to deal with the fact that I’m no longer watching the Batman film, when only a short while ago that is what I was doing.


@DamonLindelof (The LOST guy!)

Okay, I try not to get too political on Twitter… but MITT ROMNEY WORKED FOR BANE!?! #VoteBatman2012



At midnightshow of Dark Knight Rises.  Here’s a taste of what you suckers are missing!  #TDKR

Yeah, we’re not going to be able to top a Blankman reference.  In 2012.

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