It’s almost February! And while apparently the entirety of winter has been condensed into a single week and that week is happening now, there is still some joy in the world. As usual, I’ve made a list of the things from the world of entertainment about which I am geeked. It’s a shorter list this time around, but it’s a short month. Cut me some slack!

LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (Feb. 8) – I absolutely love the first LEGO Movie, to say nothing of LEGO Batman’s spinoff, so I’m already in the tank for this one. Bricksburg has been laid to waste by the Duplo invasion from the end of the first movie, and if nothing else, it gets us a sweet Mad Max-style Batman. (Did I spend $20 on a LEGO set to get that figure? Yes. I did.) All of my favorites are in the voice cast, Chris Pratt is doing a parody of other Chris Pratt movies, and it looks like it will be delightful. Come see it with me!

Miracle Workers (Feb. 12) – Hey, this new series looks fun! Coming from Man Seeking Woman creator Simon Rich, it’s a show where Steve Buscemi plays God. And He’s intent on destroying the world unless a couple of low-level angels can stop him. This could end up being Dollar Store Good Place, but there’s a lot of potential here. Besides Buscemi, the cast includes Daniel Radcliffe and Geraldine Viswanathan as the angels. You may not recognize her name, but she played John Cena’s daughter in Blockers and she was super funny. This could be very good, and I’ve come to trust the modern incarnation of TBS. (TBS)

Doom Patrol (Feb. 15) – OK, Titans is hot garbage, but the episode that introduced the Doom Patrol had a lot of potential. Also, I love the Doom Patrol. One of my favorite non-Batman concepts from DC, the Patrol are the other team of freaks and outcasts with a wheelchair-bound leader that debuted in summer of 1963. I love them very much and I’m looking forward to see if the fabulous freaks can make their mark on television. I’m especially excited that Timothy Dalton will be playing the Chief, replacing the guy from Titans who was not Timothy Dalton. It’s also a little odd that Cyborg is a part of this show rather than Titans, since he has no connection to the Doom Patrol and they already have a member named Robotman. But we’ll see how that plays out – Cliff, Larry, and Rita came off well on Titans, and that’s what I’m looking for. Plus, I will freak out over every Easter Egg. (“They live on Danny Street! Danny the Street!”) (DC Universe)

Far Cry: New Dawn (Feb. 15) – I really like the Far Cry games, but beyond some ideological stumbles, the recent fifth installment had some serious gameplay problems. So this new game, smaller than the numbered entries and more in line with Primal or Blood Dragon, may be a good reset. This one is set seventeen years after a nuclear apocalypse and looks to bring some real creativity to the franchise. That said, I wonder if it signals the end of Far Cry – unless there’s some time travel, I can’t see them making more games in a postapocalyptic setting. But that’s for other people to think about.

Mister Miracle (Feb. 19) – Finally, the trade collection of Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ run on Mister Miracle is collected. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this series is 21st Century Watchmen, only without the contempt for the audience. Super Escape Artist Mister Miracle survives a suicide attempt and goes on to try and balance parenthood with his career – said career being commanding the forces of New Genesis against Darkseid. It is really excellent and the collection includes a few pages as a primer on the characters – you don’t need to know much backstory but it will help to know some of the names. I loved this series, and if the fact that Paul F. Tompkins, Jason Mantzoukas, and other Earwolf podcasters appear in the finale isn’t enough to get you to buy it, I don’t even know anymore. (DC Comics)

Documentary Now! (Feb. 20) – Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are back with their spoof documentary series. If you haven’t seen it, it’s presented as a series of documentaries which are both absurd and surprisingly exacting parodies of real documentaries. Grey Gardens, The War Room, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and more. They’re legitimately hilarious whether or not you’re familiar with the source material, too. It’s really great and you should check out the first two seasons on Hulu. Try “Globesman” from Season 2. It’s amazing. (IFC)

Whiskey Cavalier (Feb. 24) – You know what? This just looks like fun. It’s an action comedy about sexy spies from Scrubs‘ Bill Lawrence, starring Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley. I’m not expecting The Americans here, I’m just looking for some world-saving fun. Also, I think Lauren Cohan is the best and I would very much like to stop Walking Dead. She was the only one keeping me there, and now we can both move on. (ABC)

Better Things (Feb. 28) – Pamela Adlon’s series returns for a third season, and how much more do I need to say? It’s funny and devastating and it’s full of these moments that will make you feel terrible or smile so much that it feels like the world is going to be OK. It’s so good and Adlon is so talented and it will likely be another fantastic season. (FX)

All right, what are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!

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