It’s a new month and a new year, so that means it’s time for a new Enthusiasm List. Later this week, I’ll get to the things I’m excited about it 2019, but today, let’s just focus on the bounties January offers. It’s going to be mostly TV this time around because, man, it’s been kind of a dead zone since Thanksgiving. Time to fire up the TV foundries again!

Gotham Season Five (January 3) – I mean, this is no big surprise. I’d be excited for the final season anyway, given the big crazy swings this show takes anyway. If they only have to keep somewhat close to the rails for another 12 episodes, anything can happen. But I’m especially excited because they’re doing the Gotham version of “No Man’s Land” and I don’t even know how you tell that story without Batman. This is going to be awesome and bonkers and I can’t wait. (FOX)

I’m Sorry Season Two (January 9) – TruTV is pulling out the big guns early this year and bringing back two of my favorite shows. First, it’s Andrea Savage’s I’m Sorry, which is kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm from a mother’s perspective, but (and I say this as a guy who loves Curb) it’s so much more insightful and it has a warmth that Larry David would never even try for. Savage is hugely talented and the show boasts an amazing supporting cast (including Scott Aukerman in a recurring role this year). I love this show and you should watch it with me. (TruTV)

Jon Glaser Loves Gear Season Two (January 9) – Yes, I’m Sorry is now paired with my other favorite, Jon Glaser’s fake tech series. Fake in the sense that it purports to be an unscripted series about cool new products but it’s actually about a TV host who can’t stop driving everybody away. It is, at once, the smartest and the dumbest comedy around. I love just about everything Jon Glaser does and the first season of this show was so perfect. I can’t wait to see a new season of awesome gear, cool shots (COOL SHOTS!), and toxic relationships. (TruTV)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 (January 10) – FOX cancelled this still excellent series in an attempt to, I don’t know, start getting out of the TV business. Luckily, NBC picked it up and has promoted in more in two months than FOX has in five years. There aren’t any big changes planned, other than that NBC will let them do bleeped curse words and I feel like Rosa especially will take full advantage. It’s a good show, it deserves a good home, and I feel like the network that took a big gamble on The Good Place can take care of our favorite detectives at the Nine-Nine. (NBC)

True Detective Season 3 (January 13) – I’ve been trying to stay spoilee-free on this new season, but it reportedly has a tone much closer to Season One. There’s also an episode written by David Milch which is weird but I’m into it. Mahershala Ali stars in the new season. Can it become a cultural force once again? (HBO)

Deadly Class (January 16) – Based on the comic by Rick Remender and Wes Craig, Deadly Class is about a high school for assassins with an eighties counterculture backdrop. I know that sounds like a press release but that’s because I’m way behind in the comic and a lot of hit has slipped my mind. But what I read was good and I like what Syfy did with Happy! and Wynonna Earp, so I’ve decided they’re the place to go for comic book adaptations. (Syfy)

Glass (January 16) – M. Night Shyamalan has created a mixed bag of movies, but people sure did like Split. And this is the sequel to both Split and Unbreakable, which is genuinely a pretty great idea. If he wants to throw any non-Mel Gibson part of Signs in there, I’d be all for that. The trailers look flat out nuts and even if you’ve fallen off of Shyalaman’s work, it stills seems really appealing. Do I want to see Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, and Bruce Willis reprise their roles while Sarah Paulson maybe tries to cure them? Yes, yes I do.

Celebrity Big Brother (January 21) – Everything about the first American season of the UK mainstay seemed like it would be a disaster, and it turned out to be really fun.   The quicker pace and abbreviated season made for a nice winter palate cleanser, and after years of everybody on the main show being a hardcore fan, it was a blast to see somebody like Metta World Peace come in and learn how to play Big Brother. And for extra awkwardness, Julie Chen-Moonves is coming back to host and I would have thought she’d follow her husband out the door. It’s not going to be super comfortable over at those live shows… (CBS)

Conan (January 22) – Conan O’Brien returns after a hiatus to a new show. Sort of. It’s still a late night talk show, but it’s cut to half an hour and the emphasis is more on comedy than guests. It might seem like a demotion, but Conan’s been at this longer than anybody, and by his own admission, he’s burning out on celebrity interviews. I really like the idea of mixing up the musty format and in the process maybe Conan only has to do interviews with people he wants to talk to. Let’s hope things get weird again. (TBS)

The Other Two (January 24) – Comedy Central’s slate of original programming has been getting pretty thin, but hopefully this will help turn things around. The Other Two are an aspiring actor and a former professional dancer struggling to make it while their 13-year-old brother hits it big as a YouTube star. That’s some fertile ground right there. And the aspiring actor is played by Drew Tarver, who was hilarious on Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ and guest appearances all over the place. I’m always going to support my bajillionaires. (Comedy Central)

Anything you’re excited about? Let me know!

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