We’re in a new month and that means it’s time once again for the Enthusiasm List! I’m picking things from the worlds of TV, movies, podcasts, comics, and more and telling you what I’m excited about. And I’m going to be honest with you, July is kind of slim picking in the TV world. But I won’t notice because Big Brother is in season and there are only so many hours in the day. Without further ado, here’s the list!

Bubble (Every Wednesday) – This is something really fun – it’s a scripted sci-fi comedy podcast. And it’s not scripted in the traditional podcast way where it’s basically a monologue. This is basically a TV series in podcast form, with stage directions and everything. It was created by Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, Go!), who is very funny on his own and he worked with an impressive team of writers to craft the episodes. Bubble is set in a city under a bubble (sort of Under the Dome) that is recognizably our world except for the preponderance of monsters and the occasional superpower. There’s a backstory that’s been hinted at where some people were born outside the Bubble and they’re the ones who can kill monsters. We’ll find out more, I’m sure. But the key part is that it’s a satire of the gig economy where people in danger can summon a hero with the Huntr app. They’re more deadly Uber drivers, basically. It’s a perfect mix of mundane and fantastic, and that’s pretty much my jam. Bubble stars Alison Becker, Eliza Skinner, and Mike Mitchell, and there’s an amazing guest cast including Paul F. Tompkins, Cristela Alonzo, John Hodgman, the McElroys, Mark Gagliardi, and so many more. It’s wonderful and you can find it on iTunes or on maximumfun.org

Batman 50 (July 4) – It’s the wedding issue! Batman is marrying Catwoman! And yes, that’s what’s happening. Bruce Wayne is not marrying Selina Kyle, because that would look pretty suspicious to the general public. Look, it makes enough sense. I don’t see any way they actually go through with this but writer Tom King has done such a good job with everything leading up to this and I’m invested. It’s one of those ideas that seems bad, but the execution has been so strong. I’m really looking forward to this even though I feel like it can only end in pain and heartbreak. And yes, The New York Times has already spoiled the ending. But it will still be worth reading. (DC Comics)

Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6) – Come on, it’s the Ant-Man sequel we all deserve. Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp becomes the first woman to get her name in the title of a Marvel movie with this one, which is pretty cool. This looks super fun, and we could use something light after Infinity War shattered us. (I mean, the post-credit scene is almost definitely going to catch up with the end of that movie and it’s just a question which beloved characters are going to turn to ash before our eyes.) I’m excited to see Walton Goggins in the cast, along with some other new additions. I’m a big fan of the first movie and this feels even more up my alley. And check out that Tim Heidecker cameo in the new TV commercial – it seems like they cast him just to be the guy who loses his mind when Ant-Man gets big. I already love everything about this movie.

Sharp Objects (July 8) – This HBO miniseries stars Amy Adams, is based on a book by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), and was developed for TV by Marti Noxon (the good season of UnREAL). That’s an impressive assemblage of talent. I’ve deliberately stayed clear of more than the most minimal of details, but I know Adams plays a reporter who returns to her hometown to report on a couple of missing girls. Everybody involved is very good at what they do, and I’ve been just waiting for a miniseries I could love as much as The Night Of. Will this be the one? We’ll find out! (HBO)

Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits and Monsters (July 11) – Goldthwait has become a really interesting filmmaker over the years, and he’s executive producing this anthology series of standalone episodes in a variety of genres. I love a good anthology and there are only so many episodes of Black Mirror. Goldthwait has unique sensibilities and this has the potential to be something outstanding. It definitely won’t be like anything else on TV this summer. (TruTV)

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins (July 17) – I’ve talked about the McElroys (My Brother, My Brother, and Me) before and I’ve talked about The Adventure Zone, their podcast where they play Dungeons and Dragons with their dad. Well, this is really cool. Dad Clint (who has a few comic book credits under his belt) is adapting the first arc of the podcast into a graphic novel. This should be a lot of fun, and since they’re planning on doing the entire Balance arc, it gives Clint the opportunity to fix some character glitches that popped up early on. (It took a while for Justin to work out who Taako is, but once he did, it was glorious.) The art by Carey Pietsch looks wonderful, the source material is great, and I have every confidence that this is going to be a must-read. (First Second Books)

Castle Rock (July 25) – This new series re-teams J.J. Abrams and Stephen King for a drama based in King’s oft-used town of Castle Rock, Maine. Essentially, this is a show set in the Stephen King Universe and it will reference his novels and movies. The thing is, I haven’t read much King so this will live or die on its own merits with me, not on whether it reminds me of a thing I know. There’s an excellent cast, including Terry O’Quinn, Melanie Lynskey, and Scott Glenn, and if it can get the interest of a King agnostic like myself, it might be darn good. Also, my friend Sam will really enjoy it so this is a reminder that he should watch it. (Hulu)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (July 27) – I didn’t really care about the Mission: Impossible franchise until the fourth entry but Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation were so good that I consider them the beginning of the franchise. Just like how the Fast and Furious franchise started with Fast Five. This is the first time in a series a director has returned, and I’m cool with that because Christopher McQuarrie did a great job last time. This time we’ve got Henry Cavill sporting the mustache that had to be digitally removed from Justice League reshoots and the return of Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust. (Why does that not character have a spinoff series yet? Lady James Bond? Sold in the room.)

Go Team Venture! The Art and Making of The Venture Bros. June 31) – I have been looking forward to this book since it was first announced, which was probably before the previous season of Venture Bros. aired, so maybe three years. It’s a behind the scenes book detailing the production of my favorite animated show and it’s supposed to be full of production art and input from the creators. I have no idea if this is actually going to come out as scheduled – it’s been rescheduled and updated many, many times and I have several open Amazon orders that I can’t cancel. So if this comes out, I will probably be getting three copies, which is excessive and even still, I am so excited. (Dark Horse)

Making It (July 31) – This show was originally announced under a more convoluted title, but it’s basically the American version of The Great British Baking Show but with crafts. Also, it’s hosted by reunited Parks and Recreation stars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. If this has the gentle Baking Show vibe, I guarantee I’ll love it, but the real draw for me is Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson getting to be silly together again. I’ve missed them so much! (NBC)

Let me know what you’re looking forward to!

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