It’s a fresh new month and that means it’s time for me to take a look at the pop culture stuff that has me excited in June. It’s a big month with things both ridiculous and sublime, including televised mini golf. It’s going to be a weird month.

BattleBots (June 7) – Decades ago, when this was a Comedy Central show, I thought it was a harbinger of the end times. Now that I’m less of an a-hole, this robot battle show is a legitimately fun thing to watch with some really mindblowing designs. On the original show, it was basically a battle to see who could make the best wedge, but there are so many fun ideas out there now that you get to see some crazy robot battles. I’m a big ol’ mark for anybody who uses a flamethrower, even though it rarely matters. But when it does, brother, it’s spectacular. (Discovery)

Baskets (June 13) – This Zach Galifianakis / Louie Anderson comedy is secretly one of TV’s best shows. It seems to be under the radar, other than Anderson’s Emmy win for playing Christine Baskets. But it’s this wonderful and weird show about man who went to Paris to learn clowning, his identical twin who blew up his job and marriage, and the mother who’s just trying to make some semblance of a family. Oh, and there’s the Costco employee who’s been wearing the same cast on her arm for four years and was having an affair with a shepherd. It can be silly, but it’s also beautiful and insightful. There’s nothing like Baskets on TV. (FX)

Jessica Jones (June 14) – Well, this is where Netflix gets out of the Marvel game entirely. I still think we’re going to see these characters on Hulu before too long, but at least we still get one last run with the superpowered private investigator. Jessica Jones has sort of been the crown jewel in the Netflix Marvel, well, crown, and I’m going to miss the whole line. Well, not Iron Fist. (Netflix)

Too Old to Die Young (June 15) – Why am I geeked about this crime series with incredibly long episodes that’s directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who made a very good movie with Drive and then nothing else you would ever want to watch? Well, Winter Soldier creator Ed Brubaker is co-writing the series, and he’s the guy writing the best crime comics in the business. I love Brubaker’s stuff, so this is a thing I’m going to find time to watch. (Amazon)

Men in Black: International (June 14) – I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t cared about the Men in Black franchise since halfway through the second movie. I was looking forward to that rumored Lord and Miller reboot that would also be a 21 Jump Street crossover. But this is not that. However, it does have Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as the new agents. Those two are delightful on their own and, as we learned from Ragnarok, awesome as a duo. Smart casting and some cool design has me interested in MiB again.

Holey Moley (June 20) – You know what? I’m just going to quote the Metacritic listing exactly. “Rob Riggle and Steph Curry (who also produces) are among the commentators on this “extreme” miniature golf competition series.” Thank you. Yes. SOLD IN THE ROOM! (ABC)

Toy Story 4 (June 21) – The actual best movie trilogy gets another installment in which Tony Hale voices a plastic sport with google eyes who doesn’t believe he should exist and Keanu Reeves plays an action figure version of Canada’s answer to Evel Knievel. Oh, plus Key and Peele play Bunny and Ducky. I know nothing about the plot and I can already tell this is going to be rad. Each Toy Story movie is better than the last and like I said, it’s already locked in as the best trilogy. This could really be something.

How Did This Get Played? (June 24) – This videogame themed spinoff of How Did This Get Made? has Heather Anne Campbell (Corporate) and Nick Wiger (Doughboys) looking at the worst videogames ever. I like the premise and the hosts are fantastic – Campbell is really funny and incredibly knowledgeable about games. I’ve wanted her to do a videogame podcast ever since she did her episode of With Special Guest… and Wiger is one of my favorite guys in all of podcasting. I’m really excited for this. (Earwolf)

Legion (June 24) – It’s the final season of this series, and while Noah Hawley says he had a three season arc planned from the beginning, it’s hard not to feel like Disney is either trying to get all their toys in the same place or at least they’re getting rid of the weird outliers that aren’t going to sell action figure. Either way, this season has David as a cult leader after he turned out to be a monster in last season’s finale. The ads point to a Lewis Carroll theme, but it’s impossible to tell where this wild-ass show is going. The one thing we know is that after two season of hiding its origins as an X-Men show, Professor X is set to make an appearance. (FX)

Big Brother (June 25) – I mean, of course. I am hooked on this show and Myndi and I will be recapping the whole thing. Last season was significantly more interesting than previous seasons, even if it was hard to root for anybody. I’m just hoping CBS doesn’t mess the season up with a bad theme or too many returning players. Just give us some newbies with strategies ranging from innovative to hilariously bad, and I’ll be a happy man. (CBS)

That’s my list Anything you’re geeked about?

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