We’re several days into a new month and I’m running out of time to talk about the things I’m excited about in October before they start happening. I’ve gone through the new releases in TV, movies, podcasts, books, and games and picked out the things I’m most excited about. Let’s get enthusiastic!

Big Mouth (October 4) – It’s the third season of Nick Kroll’s animated puberty comedy, and I am excited. I will admit that this originally looked like it would be dumb and gross, and it kind of is, but it’s also sweet and funny and so, so weird. And so I regret filing it away with the famous comedian animated vanity projects that I will not name here but F Is For Family is one of them. Also, I keep thinking that Will Arnett is the voice of the Hormone Monster, but it’s Kroll. But it’s not not a Will Arnett voice, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this show is funny and I’m looking forward to being horrified all over again. (Netflix)


In Myers We Trust with Gyers and Rust (October 4) – When Matt Gourley and Paul Rust did their podcast about the Friday the 13th franchise (In Voorhees We Trust with Gourley and Rust), it was magical. I do not like slasher movies and I don’t watch them, but two funny people with the occasional guest who you wouldn’t expect to be into Jason (Tracy Thoms! Anthony Jeselnik!), made for a really fun podcast. This year, they’re switching the focus to Halloween and Gourley claims he’s changing his name to make the rhyme work. And I think we’re all looking forward to them breaking down the utterly baffling Season of the Witch. (Stitcher Premium)


Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh (October 5) – Hey, it’s a new stand-up special from one of the best joke writers in the business. You know, when people get all precious about how comedy should be exempt from criticism and political correctness is killing comedy and every joke offends somebody, I think about folks like Gulman and John Mulaney and Maria Bamford and Paul F. Tompkins, just for starters. Some people can’t conceive of writing a joke that’s not criticism of somebody. But check out Gary Gulman’s bit about state abbreviations – it’s one of the best stand-up bits in years. So I’m pretty geeked for this one. (HBO)


Primal (October 6) – Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) returns to Adult Swim with his dialogue-free miniseries about a caveman. Nobody does wordless storytelling better, and you know this is going to look amazing. The recent Jack revival proved that Tartakovsky’s still got it. Adult Swim has been fairly disappointing for a while now and it’s going to be good to have a new must-watch in the lineup. (Adult Swim)


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (October 11) – Boy, this went from being something that might happen to something that was finished and ready to watch in record time. This follows Jesse Pinkman after the end of the series, and there’s definitely a story there. We’re all familiar with how good Better Call Saul is, so I think we’re in good hands. I have this theory that we’re going to see Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy/Saul/Gene at some point – I think it ties in to what exactly Gene’s afraid of in the flash forwards. Walter White is dead, the cartel is in ruins and the Nazis are all dead. (The ones connected to White, at least.) I don’t know who Gene thinks is trying to find and kill him, but the Season Four opener made it clear that’s a worry for him. Maybe we’ll find out here! (Netflix)


Medallion Status (October 15) – There aren’t many people I like better than deranged millionaire John Hodgman, and he’s got a new book of essays out this month. His last one, Vacationland was wonderful and this one could be even better because it includes a section about Instagram-famous corgis. When Vacationland came out, I read it on a train to Chicago when I went to see MBMBaM, and I’m doing that again next month, so I might have to wait to read this one just for the symmetry of it. Or I read it right away because I like Hodgman’s writing so much. This could go either way.


Living With Yourself (October 18) – In this comedy series, Paul Rudd plays a guy who’s trying to become a better person and then he’s actually replaced by a superior version of himself. I like a good genre premise in my comedy and I like Paul Rudd. Just imagine how much I’ll like two Paul Rudds! Especially if one of them is Ant-Man, which probably won’t happen here. (Netflix)


JoJo Rabbit (October 18)I’ll admit, this sounds problematic, but director Taika Waititi has never steered me wrong. It’s about a lonely German boy whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler. And if that’s a big “Nope” from you, I get it. I only started to be OK with it when I learned it was set during World War II and the boy’s blind nationalism is key to the plot. So there’s a point to it rather than being a Family Guy Hitler joke, but it’s a tightrope to walk. But there are people I would trust to handle it and Waititi is one of them. Of course, this may be an absolute nightmare and then I’ll be all sheepish next month.


Watchmen (October 20) – This seems like something that I should hate, since attempts to follow up or expand on Alan Moore and Dave Gibson’s Watchmen have been uniformly bad. (That prequel Darwyn Cook drew was good, but that’s the sole exception.) But Damon Lindelof is doing this follow-up TV miniseries which brings the world of Watchmen to 2019. Vigilantes are coming back, Rorschach became an icon of the alt-right, cops hide their faces. The fact is, Lindelof was behind LOST and The Leftovers and I’m locked in. The trailers really make me think of Leftovers but with superheroes, and it looks like a smart update – when Watchmen came out, we were all afraid of nuclear war. Now we’re afraid of a divided country that’s turning on itself. This has the potential to be very good. (HBO)


BoJack Horseman (October 25) – Good news / Bad news. The first half of the sixth season of BoJack hits this month, eight episodes in October, eight in January for a 16-episode season. But… it’s the final season. I know Netflix is weird about when it decides to ends shows, but the fact that this season is longer than any other suggests to me that maybe this was a creative decision or at least something they knew about long enough to accommodate. And the thing is, despite it being my favorite, BoJack isn’t something that can run forever. BoJack can’t keep almost getting better and then finding a new low because at some point it doesn’t mean anything. And sending him to rehab at the end of last season is a pretty good way to kick off the final act. I mean, I’ll be a mess when it’s over, but I also get it. (Netflix)


Mrs. Fletcher (October 27) – The other executive producer of The Leftovers (and the guy who wrote the book), Tom Perotta is adapting another of his novels for this miniseries about a woman who’s alone for the first time when her son goes off to college. And it stats Kathryn Hahn, who’s deserved a lead role for a long time now. Also, this will be Watchmen‘s lead-out, so it’s basically a Leftovers reunion. (HBO)


Luigi’s Mansion 3 (October 31) – It’s a new installment in Luigi’s solo series, pitting him against ghosts in a haunted mansion. These games have been pretty fun with some good puzzles and that overall quality that you’re going to find in a Mario-related game. And this first sequel for the Switch brings some new gimmicks, including a Luigi duplicate made of slime. I surprised myself with how happy I was to hear about this release, so clearly, I need some Luigi in my life!


That’s my list! What are you into this month?

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