All week, I’ve been reviewing the movies I saw at the Waterfront Film Fesitval in Saugatuck, MI.  Today, I’ve got the last two reviews.  And remember, if you’re interested, hit up their website for more information and then make plans to come to the Festival next year.  We’ll get a whole spunkybean group together, and then we’ll all dress alike and walk around in a cluster.  Well, maybe that’s not going to happen, but you should definitely come to the festival next year.

Answer This!I’ve actually been looking forward to this one for a while.  It was shot in Ann Arbor, and it’s about the University of Michigan and pub trivia.  My sister is a U of M graduate, and a regular on the trivia circuit, so naturally I have some affection for this movie.  (Also, my sister was actually kicked off the set at one point.  Sadly, I did not have the courage to ask at the Q&A, “Do you think any scenes could have been improved by allowing my sister to lead a tour group through them?”) 

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