A little while ago, I caught a repeat of The Sopranos, and I was reminded of just how great the Season One character of Vin Makazian was.  As played by John Heard, he was this really funny and tragic character. Heard was also a favorite in his role as the Governor on Prison Break, and I got to thinking about how much I’d like to see him in another series.  And shortly thereafter, I received some promotional material about an upcoming movie starring John Heard, Stealing Roses.

Written and directed by Megan Clare-Johnson, Stealing Roses is the story of Walter (Heard), who learns that his wife’s cancer treatments aren’t covered by their insurance.  With no place to go, he turns to crime to get the money he needs to save Rose (Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley).  Complicating things is the fact that his son (Mark Famigletti of FlashFoward) is a cop who’s not on board with the plan.  Now, not only does that sound like a great story, but I think it’s something that we can all relate to.  I’ve lived a relatively trauma-free life, but even with health insurance, I spent four years paying off a broken leg.  I try not to even think about a serious illness in my family.

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