Can you tell us anything about the WeStealRoses campaign?  Where can our readers go if they’re interested in participating?

Yes, our WeStealRoses campaign is a way we can have a dialogue with our audience and fans.  We are inviting anyone that has a health care story of a friend/family member dealing with cancer or really any serious illness that they want to share – they can share any aspect of it on our movie website – such things as; how they dealt with the serious illness, lessons learned, stories of support or stories of difficulties if they also had financial issues when trying to pay for their medical treatments. Really it’s a way to share and connect on any of these interrelated topics. There’s so much that happens when a loved one gets diagnosed with a serious illness – feelings of love, fear, guilt, long-seeded family issues, secrets get revealed, true feelings emerge, panic over insurance coverage if that’s an issue, etc. Support from your family, friends, and community can come into play sometimes beautifully and sometimes not so well. But we all can acknowledge that we have been affected by health issues in some way personally with our own health or friends’ and families’ health. We’re giving an opportunity for people to connect on this topic – especially if people think we could be handling this all better – that’s not just interpreted in a political way – just a “better way” of taking care of those in need of help. As a writer of stories, I love hearing other people’s stories which can inspire us, educate us, or make us want a better outcome if it is a tragic ending – but sharing as we all know is cathartic.

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