Is there anything that you want people to know about Stealing Roses that we haven’t covered? 

Thanks for doing this article, EJ, and covering our movie. I invite people to become fans of our Facebook site and keep tabs on us as we release the movie. I’ll keep in touch in the future as we find out what film festivals and distribution channels our audiences will be able to see our movie.

Thank you very much!  Keep us posted on the movie, and we hope to talk to you again soon.

We’ll bring you more coverage as the movie gets closer to release.  Right now, you can check out Stealing Roses on their Facebook page or their Twitter feed.  Everything I’ve seen so far is really impressive, and I’m looking forward to the movie.  And not just because it has actors from both LOST and Jon Benjamin Has a Van – I think Stealing Roses is a story that is more pressing than ever right now, and it looks to be an entertaining way of telling that story.

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