If I’m not mistaken, this is your first feature both as a writer and director.  Was that intimidating?

No, it wasn’t intimidating because I felt I knew the story so well having lived with the characters from Stealing Roses for over five years I knew I could direct it and bring my vision to the screen. Also because of my background as an editor in post production (ten years editing commercials in Chicago and Detroit), experience as a screenwriter and producer, and having shot a few videos and commercials I felt pretty well-rounded in all aspects of the filmmaking process. Although obviously I learned a great deal on the set and owe a lot of gratitude to our actors and crew who agreed to participate in the film knowing that I was a first-time director – I guess they had to take a leap of faith also but it really never came up as a topic other then mentioning it was my first feature. We had a great cast and crew so that made my job all the easier. To be surrounded by such experienced actors was a great blessing.

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