According to the Stealing Roses Facebook page, shooting took only 15 days, which seems just insanely fast.  How did you manage that?

Yes, it was challenging to make a feature in 15 days but actually we usually ended up wrapping for the day early on most days. Our line producer and co-Producer, John Milton Branton, did an excellent job scheduling the shoot and coordinating our locations with our Unit Production Manager, Dave Marion.  My Director of Photography, Armand Gazarian and I would review my floor plans before we shot every scene so we had a good plan each day that let us be efficient with the time we took for lighting and blocking. We were shooting 6-8 scenes a day so I actually give a huge amount of credit also to the actors for being able to shoot their scenes and nail the emotional and comedic elements every time we changed scenes – that is where hiring experienced actors was so essential and helped immensly. We had a fast crew that worked very cohesively – I owe a lot of thanks to the film department heads also – they worked their tails off.

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