These days, there’s a certain amount of controversy inherent in anything that’s even tangentially related to the topic of health care.  To what extent did you have that in mind when writing the script?  And what inspired you to head into this territory – is there a personal connection or were you motivated by the way it’s been dominating the discussion?

Overall, Stealing Roses is a love story and the catalyst for the conflict is that the main characters, a couple in their early sixties, don’t have health care insurance causing the lead character, Walter, to rob a bank with his eccentric friends, when his wife Rose gets cancer and they need money for her treatments – and Walter’s son, a cop, tries to stop him.  I, personally, am appalled that we have 46 million Americans without health care coverage and began thinking what choices would a person make at the age of my lead character, 61 years old, to save their life partner. Walter tries to do all the right things but feels desperate. I wrote the script 6 years ago so I don’t know if I had controversy in mind, and couldn’t predict that we would have the political/social climate we have right now, but the topic is close to my heart and that’s what writers do – write things that they connect with and want to delve into and explore.

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