Along those lines, what do you want people to take away from the movie – do you want them to focus on the story of these people or are you hoping to make viewers think about the bigger issues here?

Foremost, I want people to enjoy the movie – laugh, connect to it, empathize, find themselves or people they know in this film’s characters. We all have our own health care stories – of our friends and families that suffered from cancer and many friends and families that are enduring financially hard times.  If the audience comes away with connecting with the love story between Walter and Rose, or the father/son dynamic of the story or thoughts on why Walter robs a bank – right, wrong or why he would even have to – and this actual catalyst is very much a reality of our times right now (I mean we have all read stories in the paper about people robbing banks just to go back to jail to receive healthcare) then I will feel satisfied. If this causes many people to talk and have a dialogue about bigger issues we have in our country about healthcare then by all means I hope my film can help cause and start more discussion on the topic. But mostly I want to entertain, make people feel, laugh and have a moment with these characters. I enjoy being with these characters and I hope others do also.

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