What can you tell us about the tone of the movie?  I see on IMDB that it’s listed as “comedy”, “drama”, and “romance”, which covers a pretty wide swath.  I can certainly imagine how it fits into any of these categories, but I’m curious as to what direction you’re taking.  (The poster, by the way, is very funny.  Whoever created that image did an excellent job.)

Stealing Roses is a comedy-drama, feature length film. The love that Walter and Rose have for each other captures the “romance” part of the story – their love is deep, trusting but also they rib and drive each other crazy just like any couple would who are married over 35 years – that’s where the comedy comes in – also with Walter’s eccentric friends. The serious dramatic points of the film when Rose is given her cancer diagnosis, her first chemo treatment and the choices she makes at the end of the film bring us home to the reality of her serious illness. John Heard, who plays Walter, asked many of his acting friends to join the film to play Walter’s buddies in the film – because of their real-life rapport you get to see that rapport in the film – the bank robbing scene was fun to shoot so you can see how comedy, drama and romance are all good descriptions of the film.

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