“I know I’m still young, but I know how I feel.”
I can’t help but think that if Lauren Alaina had gone with straight hair on Tuesday, well, maybe she would’ve won. But this is not a moment to talk about Lauren Alaina, her hair, her broken heart, or America’s stupid taste in music and the fact American wouldn’t know talent if it walked onto their television screen, giggled alot, and blew out a vocal chord. Oh, well, she did finish 2nd, so maybe they do.

Scotty McCreery is your new American Idol because he out-Country’d Lauren Alaina. The only chance she had of winning was to don a cowboy hat and sing Reba McIntire and Dolly Parton songs all night. Instead, she invoked the ghost of Carrie Underwood at the prodding of Idol producers and it still wasn’t enough. Scotty, instead, invoked the ghost of every-Country-cliche and took home the crown.

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3 Responses to American Idol, Season 10: Tom Jones Performs (Oh, and Scotty McCreery WINS!)

  1. Myndi says:

    Gotta hand it to you, great write up of a mostly entertaining finale. I still stand by the things I don’t like about this show (the blatent manipulation, the useless judges) but it does still weild a tremendous amount of industry cache, to be sure. By the time the show was over, I found myself actually liking Scotty more than I had all season. And, Lauren, well, I truly just think she needs some seasoning. You just had to watch her with Carrie, who herself has grown by leaps and bounds since she won the title, to see what I mean.

    And Casey seems great; James too. I actually thought all the Idols who got to sing with an Idol of theirs this year did quite well. Even Jacob and his odd dance moves. James with Judas Priest and Casey with Jack Black were excellent. I just wish Haley and Tony Bennett went on a bit longer.

    Most importantly, I guess, the kids LOVED it!

  2. Don says:

    Thanks, Mrs. Myndi.

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