Hey, did you watch the Lauren and Scotty Variety Hour with special guests James Durbin …and Haley Reinhart …and the comedic stylings of Ryan Seacrest? Did you love that part where Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Lady Gaga showed up for that sketch about a singing competition? Whooo doggie, that was some good TV-watchin’, eh? I’m not saying the season is becoming almost too contrived for my tastes, but it’s close. One thing I won’t tolerate is any sort of bias or impartiality in my televised pop-music singing competitions.

What do you want from American Idol, people? When it leaves the voting up to us without majorly rigging who looks like our favorite, we pick a bunch of married acoustic guitar playin’, Jack-Johnson wanna bes …or a Taylor Hicks. Ratings decline. And then we don’t buy the CDs or see the Idol winners in concert. American Idol needs to make itself the Lady Gaga of television, and I think I can explain what that means.

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